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Plywood Trailer Decking

Trailers store and transport heavy loads, but they require strong trailer decking made of high-quality materials to do so effectively. The optimal floor surface material of a trailer will be durable and long-lasting while still lightweight enough for easy, economical hauling.

As part of our commercial vehicle flooring line, Thomes offers trailer decking in Baltic Birch plywood. Learn more about the factors to consider when selecting your trailer decking, the benefits of reliable trailer wood floors, and some of the most common applications.

Trailer Decking Explained

Trailer decking is the platform that cargo sits on while a trailer moves it from one location to another. Choosing the right materials, size, installation accessories, and wood treatment to fit your application and budget will help ensure that you safely deliver each trailer load without risking damage or delays.


One popular material for trailer decking is film-faced plywood, or phenolic plywood. The plywood is cut to size and then immersed in phenolic resin. Once the resin sets, it results in a smooth film on both sides of the wood’s surface, making it more durable and less vulnerable to wear, water damage, and inclement weather than standard plywood.

At Thomes, we source high-quality Baltic Birch plywood from trusted partners. The material is pressed and treated with coatings that enhance its durability, lifespan, and aesthetic. Film-faced plywood is less expensive than metals like aluminum, lighter than steel with no chance of rust, and less likely to require additional support, unlike rubber and composite decking.

Types of Decking

Different types of decking are available to suit the needs of various trailers. For example, wood decking options include rough trailer flooring for rugged applications or shiplap trailer flooring for utility or platform trailers, flatbeds, and more.


Thomes provides decking in even and odd lengths ranging from 6 feet to 18 feet, as well as a variety of thicknesses. We offer milled boards of over 7 feet for an additional fee.


We have a variety of tools and accessories to facilitate decking installation. These include saw blades for making cuts, drill bits, and fasteners like deck screws and nuts.


Offering enhanced protection against moisture and the outdoors, treated wood lends a higher degree of durability and longevity to your trailer decking while reducing the risk of rot.


The cost of your trailer decking will depend on the type and quality of wood, board size and weight, and any treatments applied to the wood.

Plywood Trailer Decking Benefits

High-quality plywood trailer decking offers several advantages when you’re carrying heavy cargo. Some of the key benefits are:

  • Durable Strength for Load Support. Plywood decking creates a stable, flat surface that can reliably bear weight during the transportation of cargo. It strengthens the frame of your trailer to offer durability and lasting performance, enhancing the trailer’s longevity.
  • Protection. Our trailer decking is sealed to safeguard against water damage. Depending on your application and the goods you are carrying, you might use plywood that also provides protection against fuel and other fluids. Plywood decking from Thomes is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Safety. Our plywood trailer decking is slip-resistant, with a texture that promotes good grip. Also, you protect your trailer with strong plywood decking. You can easily haul goods and equipment without worrying about cargo damage or presenting a hazard to others on the road.
  • Cost-Effectiveness. By using high-quality decking materials, you help ensure that your trailer is built to last. When properly maintained, you decrease the need for flooring repairs over time, along with the related costs. Also, plywood decking is lightweight for better fuel economy.

Plywood Trailer Decking Applications

Trailer decking are suitable for any trailer or automotive flooring application. Common uses include:

  • Commercial Vehicles. Wood decking works well for commercial hauling vehicles like flatbeds and drop decks, municipal vehicles like dump trucks, and military trailers.
  • Semi-Truck Trailers. Lightweight plywood can provide a permanent, waterproof surface that doubles as a barrier against insects and animals for cargo trailers.
  • Utility Trailers. Decking will protect utility trailer cargo from the elements, prevent animals from accessing it, support the trailer frame, and act as a solid surface for storage and hauling.
  • DIY Trailers. Individuals can construct DIY utility or ATV trailers with plywood decking, as well.

Trailer Decking From Thomes

Choosing the right trailer decking makes all the difference when you’re transporting cargo, giving you the peace of mind that your decking is providing strong support and optimal protection. Thomes is the largest importer and supplier of Baltic Birch plywood in North America. Offering an array of plywood products, we specialize in high-quality trailer decking that’s made to last. Contact us to learn more about our various plywood products, or request a quote today for Baltic Birch trailer decking.