Wholesale Baltic Birch Plywood

Thomes Ltd. is one of North America’s largest Baltic birch plywood importers and suppliers, with over 50 years of experience providing high-quality wholesale lumber from Finland and Latvia. Wholesale plywood allows manufacturers to obtain plywood components and parts at a lower cost. Thomes offers two delivery options: warehouse deliveries for Canada and United States-based plywood distributors and direct mill shipments for larger orders.

Benefits of Working With Thomes for Baltic Plywood

At Thomes, we specialize in wholesale Baltic birch plywood, an exceptionally versatile and durable type of plywood. We are the first-to-market supplier of Baltic birch wholesale lumber in North America, offering more availability and selection than our competitors. As the largest importer and supplier of Baltic birch plywood, we can deliver a steady supply of manufactured plywood and have the capabilities to handle high-volume orders.

We have been building our in-depth knowledge of lumber since 1963, and our two-way feedback process allows us to understand our clients’ unique plywood applications. We offer a wide selection of wholesale plywood products, including plywood for sports equipment, musical instruments, non-slip flooring for vans and trucks, aircraft parts, and plywood sheet goods.

Types of Wholesale Baltic Plywood

Thomes carries several types of wholesale plywood.

Wholesale Baltic Birch Plywood


Baltic Birch Plywood

We use an odd number of veneers and stack each ply at a right angle to deliver optimal stability, stiffness, and strength. Baltic birch plywood is used for crafting furniture, die boards, and toys. We offer Baltic birch plywood sizes from 60 x 60 inches to 6 x 12 feet and thicknesses from 3 to 36 mm. Custom sizes are also available.

Film Face Plywood

Our film face plywood offers improved resistance to moisture and comes in various colors. Thomes provides two main types of film face plywood, both of which feature water-resistant, factory-sealed edges. We can also apply an additional film layer to improve the plywood’s abrasion resistance. Our film face plywood is available in thicknesses from 6.5 to 30 mm.

Melamine Coated Plywood

Our melamine-coated plywood is easy to clean with a glossy and smooth finish. The melamine film is applied to birch plywood and comes in white or gray colors with 9 to 35 mm thicknesses. It is ideal for displays, fixtures, and countertops.

Applications for Wholesale Baltic Birch Plywood

Our baltic birch plywood can be used in various industries and applications. With our customization options, we can also offer plywood with features to meet various environmental challenges.

Aircraft Birch Plywood

We import KoskiPly aircraft birch plywood, an ultra-thin, flexible, lightweight, and high-strength plywood type that is easy to work with. In addition to aircraft projects, the plywood is suitable for crafting toys and musical instruments. We offer standard aircraft birch plywood sheets in 1,270 x 1,270 mm, thicknesses of 0.4 mm to 6 mm, and custom-cut sizes.

Construction Forms Plywood

One of the most popular applications for our wholesale film face plywood is concrete forms for construction and building applications. Our plywood has high load-bearing and multi-pour capabilities making it perfect for high-impact and heavy-weight applications. Our different surfacing options can also make the forms resistant to moisture, chemicals, and other environmental factors, making it suitable for outdoor construction. Our plywood is available in multiple sizes with different thicknesses available on request.

Commercial Truck Upfitting Plywood

Plywood is often used for flooring in truck flooring and trailer decking due to its durability and wear resistance. Our laminated plywood is durable, which is perfect for heavy-load trailers. The plywood is also water resistant as well, giving it anti-slip properties.

Anti-Slip Flooring Plywood

The surface finishing on our plywood can also offer anti-slip properties. The different coating options as well as raised surfaces can make anti-slip flooring, which is perfect for high-traffic areas and other pedestrian spaces. Our baltic birch plywood is also very durable, making it suitable for heavy foot traffic and other wear. Other finishing options can give the plywood resistance to environmental factors such as rain.

Baltic Birch Plywood Grades

Thomes offers Baltic birch plywood in face grades B, BB, C, and CP. We provide standard 60 x 60 inches to 6 x 12 feet panel sizes and custom cut sizes. Our plywood comes in thicknesses of 3 mm to 36mm.

Ordering Wholesale Baltic Plywood From Thomes

Ordering plywood wholesale from Thomes is simple when you follow this process:

  1. Call or email Thomes
  2. Provide minimum lift quantities
  3. Specify type, such as Baltic birch in film-faced or prefinished condition
  4. Request standard and oversized dimensions

We offer prompt lead times and pickup or delivery by truck. For wholesale customers, we maintain inventory in our Quebec and Ontario facilities, with a minimum order quantity of one bundle. For larger orders like 40-foot ocean freight containers, Thomes takes care of all logistics and customs processes to deliver your order from the mill to your facility.

Quality Assurance

All wholesale lumber from Thomes meets strict formaldehyde emissions standards and complies with CARB-2 and TSCA Title 6. We take quality assurance seriously and perform the following checks:

  • Quality Checks: We inspect for excessive core gaps, ensure the product meets optimal weight requirements for strength, and check that they have strong nail-holding capacity. We also provide factory lab test reports for our customers’ reference.
  • Superior Dimensional Stability: Our plywood has an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and resists environmental changes, chemicals, and impacts.

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Thomes is the largest Baltic birch plywood supplier in North America, with more product selection and experience than anyone else in the industry. We can provide everything from melamine-coated plywood to aircraft Baltic birch plywood in various grades and dimensions. Our fast and easy delivery process ensures you receive the right wholesale product quickly, and our quality assurance measures make sure we deliver only the highest quality plywood.

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