Film-faced birch plywood is high-quality plywood that is covered with treated resin paper which turns into a protective film during manufacture. This type of plywood is commonly used in construction and vehicle production since it is easy to mount and work with. It is easy to color, making it a popular choice for outdoor playground equipment and children’s furniture.


Film-Faced Plywood from Thomes

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Film Faced Plywood

Film-faced plywood (also known as phenolic plywood) is a special type of plywood with both sides coated with a wear-resistant, waterproof film. The film is meant to protect the wood from harsh environmental conditions and extend the service period of the plywood. Film-faced plywood is called phenolic plywood because both sides are soaked in phenolic resin to create a durable, water-resistant, smooth, and stable surface. 


Thomes offers many different colors of phenolic plywood:

  • Industry standards
  • Dark Brown Phenolic
  • Black Phenolic

Thomes also offers special colors of phenolic plywood:

  • Light brown Phenolic
  • Green Phenolic
  • Yellow Phenolic
  • Marine Blue Phenolic

Two basic versions of film-faced plywood are available at Thomes: film/film (F/F) and film/wire (F/W). Some of the benefits of phenolic plywood available at Thomes are:

  • Edges are sealed for longevity
  • Relatively low price
  • Longer shelf life
  • Higher resistance to cracking
  • Suitable for logo printing
  • Ideal solution for transport and construction industries