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Benefits of Aircraft Plywood

Aircraft plywood provides enhanced strength, reliability, and durability, making it a great construction material for various aircraft components. At Thomes Canada, we are the only Canadian importer of KOSKIPLY, otherwise known as craft plywood or aircraft plywood. Consisting of ultra-thin veneers of baltic birch, our aircraft plywood meets Germanischer Lloyd standards and offers quality features…

Trailer Decking: Which Material Is Right for You?

Trailer Decking: Which Material Is Right for You? Trailer decking is the material you choose as the flooring for a commercial trailer. Popular options include plywood, aluminum, rubber, composite, and steel. When you need to replace or install trailer decking, knowing the characteristics of these materials and the most important factors to consider can help…

Due to global supply chain disruptions, we are experiencing longer lead times than usual on our plywood products. Please do not hesitate to submit a request for quote and we will do our best to accommodate all inquiries.