Baltic Birch Plywood
Thomes Ltd. is Canada’s largest North American Importer and Supplier of Manufactured Veneer Core Birch Plywood – also known commonly as “BALTIC BIRCH” plywood. Thomes sells to building, lumber and plywood distributors throughout Canada and the USA.

Baltic Birch derives its name from the Baltic Sea region in Eastern Europe, where these Birch trees grow. Baltic Birch Plywood is made exclusively from multiple thin layers of Birch veneer, or plies, always in an odd number. Each ply is set at a right angle to the layer below it, glued, and compressed, giving the resulting plywood its advantageous strength and stability. Its thickness, glue type, and grade help determine the plywood’s suitability for particular applications.

Thomes Ltd. is the largest importer and supplier of manufactured Baltic Birch Plywood in Canada, selling to Canadian and U.S. plywood and lumber distributors. We offer interior-grade plywood with moisture-resistant (MR) urea glue, as well as exterior-grade plywood with weather- and boil-proof (WBP) phenol resin glue, in a variety of thicknesses and sizes. Our knowledgeable team only works with plywood from the best Baltic manufacturers to meet your needs. Based on our experience and knowledge we choose the best manufacturers of plywood in Baltic to meet your individual needs.