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Anti-Slip Plywood Solutions

At Thomes Canada, our team of designers and plywood specialists provide our clients with anti-slip plywood solutions. Our anti-slip Baltic birch plywood features unique surface treatments that minimize falls or injuries in slippery conditions. Learn more about our anti-slip plywood solutions, the benefits they offer, and some of their most popular applications.

Specifications and Features

When you’re looking for a high-quality anti-slip plywood product, it’s important to carefully consider all of the specifications, including the materials and performance attributes. Here are the specifications and features of our anti-slip Baltic birch plywood products:

  • Surface Coating: Our anti-slip plywood has a durable, abrasive surface coating that withstands wear and impact damage that could otherwise crack the plywood. The coating also protects the plywood from environmental damage caused by weather, moisture, and general chemical exposure.
  • Hexa/Wire Mesh Surface: Our plywood comes in hexa or wire mesh surface designs with extra grip and slip resistance.
  • Fungicide and Anti-Rot Treatment: We treat our plywood to resist rot and fungal growth.
  • Film Coating: One side of the plywood has an anti-slip film coating that adheres anti-corrosion treatments to the surface, with the reverse side having a smooth film finish.
  • Machinability: The plywood boards can be cut to specific sizes and shapes after purchase.
  • High Bending and Breaking Resistance: We use unwound wood to reduce the risk of breakage and bending.
  • Adhesive: All of our anti-slip plywood products have adhesives that meet the standards of W.B.P. Gluing Class III (exterior) under EN 636.
  • Thickness Range: Choose non-slip plywood as thin as 6.5 mm up to 30 mm thick.

Types of Anti-Slip Plywood Solutions

Our anti-slip laminated plywood solutions are available in two surface varieties: hexagonal pattern and wire mesh.

Hexagonal Pattern Plywood

The surface of the wood has a hexagonal pattern and texture designed to optimize its anti-slip properties. The hexagonal pattern minimizes the risk of slippage from any angle. As safety flooring, the plywood always provides a secure grip that won’t fade or fall away. Along with its signature hexagonal pattern, the laminated plywood has a UV-resistant film that makes the plywood more durable against sun exposure and other harsh weather damage.

Wire-Mesh Surface Plywood

Our wire-mesh surface plywood has a wire mesh built into the structure of the plywood, giving it extra grip to prevent slips and offer more traction. The wire mesh feature is long-lasting and durable, so the features won’t be damaged by wear, exposure to the elements, or impact from repeated use.


Anti-Slip Plywood Solutions

Non-slip plywood solutions from Thomes are versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications. Consider how our solutions fit into these popular use cases:

  • Composite Structures: Our anti-slip plywood can resist high levels of wear without losing its grip or structural integrity.
  • Flooring: Installers can trust anti-slip plywood for safety flooring where traction is essential. This includes stairwells, ramps, mezzanines, scaffolding, truck beds, railway wagons, warehouses, and school furniture.
  • Commercial Kitchens: Due to common spills, commercial kitchen floors can be dangerously slick. Anti-slip plywood provides reliable footing in kitchens, cafeterias, and restaurants.
  • Industrial Facilities: Industrial organizations can protect workers by installing anti-slip plywood surfaces in factories, assembly line areas, and workshops.
  • Ramps, Walkways, and Mezzanines: Public ramps, parks, mezzanines, and rec centers can be safer and more accessible with non-slip plywood.
Anti-Slip Plywood Solutions

Maintenance Tips

Anti-slip laminated plywood from Thomes is built to last. Optimize its performance with these simple maintenance tips.


Dry sweep the surfaces to remove any buildup of dust and debris that can make the surface slippery. Also, routinely clean the surface with water and mild cleaners that won’t react with the anti-slip coating or other finishes.

Damage Inspection

Routinely inspect the surface for excessive wear, cracks, and chips, so you can repair the damage before it grows. Consider complete replacement if the damage is extensive.

Avoiding Heavy Impacts

Some potential sources of damage for anti-slip plywood include heavy impacts from falling equipment and heavy tools, especially around the edges of the wood. Also, minimize the wood’s exposure to direct moisture long-term by quickly cleaning up any water accumulation.

Anti-Slip Plywood From Thomes

High-quality anti-slip plywood makes public areas, workspaces, and industrial areas safer for workers and visitors. At Thomes, we create reliable anti-slip solutions built to last. Reach out to us today to learn more about our plywood products.