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Products Overview


Thomes Canada is the largest importer and supplier of manufactured Baltic birch plywood in North America. Since establishing in 1963, we have provided customers with high-quality plywood materials sourced from Latvia and other Baltic countries, with our partner list including Latvijas Finieris, Mahogany, Koskisen, Plyterra, and SyPly.

Thomes is FSC® certified, and all the plywood products we offer are TSCA Title 6 and CARB-2 compliant. Baltic birch plywood offers the benefits of supreme strength and clean joints, all with a visually pleasing aesthetic. Our extensive plywood product line offers a vast selection of materials to meet the production requirements of any project.


Aircraft Birch Plywood

Thomes Canada is the country’s only importer of KoskiPly; an extremely strong aircraft birch plywood. Crafted in Finland from ultra-thin birch veneers, the plywood meets Germanicher Lloyd (GL) standards. Aircraft birch plywood is lightweight, flexible, and easy to work with. It comes in face grades AB, B, BR, and C, as well as thicknesses from 0.4mm (1/64″) – 3 ply to 6mm (1/4″) – 12 ply. A standard sheet of aircraft plywood is 1,270mm (48′) x 1,270mm (48′), and our plywood is also available in custom cut sizes.

This thin-veneer product has a variety of applications, including:

  • Aircraft models
    • Personal airplanes
    • Radio-controlled models
  • Crafting industry
    • Toys
    • Models
    • Novelty
      • Business cards
      • Hatboxes
      • Wine sleeves
  • Musical instruments
    • Drums
    • Guitars and other string instruments
  • Furniture
  • Yacht and auto interior detailing


Baltic Birch Plywood

Baltic birch plywood is suitable for indoor and/or outdoor use. Multiple plies of birch veneer glue together to create the plywood product. The process always utilizes an odd number of veneers, with each ply at a right angle to allow for superior strength, enhanced stiffness, and stability. Thomes Canada offers face grades B, BB, CP, and C in Baltic birch plywood. The standard panel sizes are 1,525mm x 1,525mm (60″ x 60″) to as large as 1,830mm (6′) x 3,660mm (12′), with custom sizing available. Thicknesses range from 3mm (1/8″) to 30mm (1 3/16″).

Engraving and laser cutting applications typically make use of this thicker-faced veneer. Baltic birch plywood also has applications in:

  • Drawer sides
  • Seat backs and bottoms
  • Children’s furniture
  • Toys
  • Die boards


Curved Parts

Thomes Canada imports our curved components to meet individualized customer specifications. The pieces are composed of birch veneer primarily used for furniture manufacturing. The manufacturers glue multiple plies of veneer together with interior glue and then crossband them for added stability. They then mold the parts using a hot or high-frequency press. Prefabricated curved parts for chairs come with straight trimmed edges for easy cutting at your facility into the desired forms.

A variety of thicknesses, shapes, and veneer grades (B, CP, and C) are available, with components including:

  • Seats
  • Chair backs
  • Frames
  • Furniture legs and arms
  • Bed slats


Drawer Sides

Thomes Canada offers customized birch or pine plywood drawer sides with multiple forms of prefabrication and side connections available to meet precise customer specifications. Our drawer sides come in 11.2mm (0.44″) and 12mm (1/2″) thicknesses and BB/BB or BB/CP grades.

The largest furniture manufacturers in North America use drawer sides for:

  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Bedroom furniture
  • Desks
  • Closet organizers


Edge Glued Panels (EGP)

Commonly referred to as laminated panels, EGPs are available from Thomes Canada in birch or white pine. Manufacturers glue solid wood planks or blocks called lamellas together using polyvinyl acetate glue for superior joint support, and we offer finger-jointed or solid lamellas. Finger-jointing can eliminate defects such as discoloration, insect holes, or large knots in the panels so that the completed component has a solid wood look and sturdy, smooth joint surfaces. Our lamellas typically come in lengths from 400mm (15 3/4″) to 2,440mm (8′), thicknesses from 18mm (3/4″) to 40mm (1 1/2″), and grade combination options of A, B, and C.

A vital material for furniture manufacturing, some of the many uses for EGP include:

  • Tabletops
  • Doors
  • Benches
  • Chests
  • Wardrobes


Film Face Plywood

Our film face plywood consists of a core of birch veneer with a phenol resin-infused, heat-applied paper on the surface to give the plywood resistance to moisture. Thomes Canada offers two types of film face plywood products in a variety of colors, all with factory-sealed edges to minimize exposure and prevent water penetration. These panels come in multiple standard sizes with thicknesses ranging from 6.5mm (1/4″) to 30mm (1 1/8″). Also, you have the option of adding additional film layers to the standard 120g/m2 film weight for increased abrasion resistance.


Film/Film (F/F)

In this concrete forming panel, the material is smooth on each side with high resistance to abrasion. It is beneficial to use this material in any project requiring moisture and wear resistance as well as strength. Common applications include:

  • Trench boxes
  • Animal enclosures
  • Flooring
  • Siding
  • Concrete shuttering


Film/Wire (F/W)

F/W material has the same resistance properties and durability as F/F, but this material is textured on one side to allow for a non-slip surface. Typical applications for F/W are:

  • Pedestrian ramps and bridges
  • Mezzanines
  • Vehicle floors
  • Loading docks and platforms
  • Storage and factory floors


Melamine-Coated Plywood

Melamine-coated plywood has a smooth, glossy surface finish, making it hygienic and easy to clean. Also known as Riga Mel, the material consists of birch plywood with an overlay of melamine film. Available from Thomes Canada in light grey and white, this plywood comes in various standard lengths with thicknesses ranging from 9mm to 35mm.

Common applications include:

  • Furniture parts
  • Countertops
  • Display units
  • Fixtures


Machined Curved Parts

Machined curved parts are typically created using birch plywood. Thomes Canada imports components with holes, grooves, or other details to adhere to a customer’s technical specifications. Manufacturers utilize three- and five-axis precise positioning machines such as CNC centres to produce a quality product with a high tolerance threshold. Manufacturers often use this material to create office furniture.


Manufactured Plywood From Thomes Canada

Thomes Canada works directly with plywood, lumber, and building wholesalers throughout North America. Customers can pick up their plywood orders from our warehouses or have them delivered to their business location. Direct mill shipment by ocean container is also available for larger orders, with Thomes Canada taking care of customs-related logistics and more. We also carry backup stock at our Quebec and Ontario warehouses to meet the demands of our wholesale customers who service plywood distributors.

With extensive plywood product knowledge, Thomes Canada offers timely price quotes, on-time delivery, and superior customer service. Contact us today to learn more about our product line.

Due to global supply chain disruptions, we are experiencing longer lead times than usual on our plywood products. Please do not hesitate to submit a request for quote and we will do our best to accommodate all inquiries.