Decking & Transom Solutions for Boat Manufacturers

Baltic birch plywood can be surface-treated, making it suitable for boat flooring. Our plywood is used for boat decking including and transoms. Comfort, aesthetics, and environmental protection all come into play when choosing the best plywood for boats. Anti-rot treatment and fungicide protect the plywood from naturally occurring moisture while reinforcements protect the surface from heavy foot traffic.

Anti-Slip Plywood for Boat Decking

Anti-slip plywood has a treated mesh surface coating designed to offer better slip resistance. This plywood is generally a more cost-effective option compared to specialized decks and coatings. Additional plywood construction and treatment options are available to ensure the following benefits:

  • Slip Resistance. We have several anti-slip plywood options available, each offering varying degrees of traction. You’ll want to choose an anti-slip coating that fits your pontoon’s application. Pontoons regularly exposed to moisture will likely need higher slip resistance, for example.
  • Foot Traffic. Pontoon decking that experiences heavy foot traffic must be durable enough to withstand wear and tear.
  • Climate. Effective weatherproofing is critical to ensure pontoon boat decking can withstand moisture, extreme temperatures, and ambient conditions. Outdoor surfaces will last longer with weatherproof plywood.

Installing anti-slip plywood is quick and requires basic woodworking tools. Basic cleaning and periodic reseals are typically all you need to retain the decking’s anti-slip properties and maximize the product’s lifespan.

Hexa Design Phenolic Film for Pontoon Flooring

Our Hexa film is an excellent choice for pontoon boat decking. The following are just some of the benefits you can enjoy with this product:

  • Anti-Slip Properties. Hexa Design Phenolic Film is engineered with a hexagonal pattern designed for better grip on wet surfaces.
  • Durability. This film features a hexagonal pattern for improved strength and a paper film made with a high-density phenol-formaldehyde resin for added protection against slippage.
  • Decorative Look. The transportation industry often uses Hexa Design Phenolic Film for its aesthetic appeal. Hexa makes a stylish addition to commercial buildings, event halls, and heavily frequented outdoor spaces.

The phenolic film/resin covers both sides of the material and is available in grey or black. The hexagonal pattern lends a sleek, modern appearance to pontoon boat decking and makes even the wettest surfaces safer to walk on.

Decking & Transom Solutions From Thomes Canada

Thomes Canada wields over five decades of experience manufacturing custom plywood solutions for various applications and is continually creating innovative solutions for the most demanding plywood applications. Our plywood products offer greater resistance to weather, moisture, and mechanical wear.

We leverage novel press technologies, advanced coating solutions, and CNC machining techniques at our manufacturing facilities to fulfill various needs. We’re also a leading plywood wholesaler, emphasizing robust supply chains and distribution channels along with full logistics and customs support for material distribution centers.

Contact Thomes Canada today to request a quote and discuss the best pontoon decking options for your needs.