A wide range of industries uses melamine-coated plywood due to its various benefits. At Thomes Ltd., we offer high-quality melamine-coated plywood in various sizes, colors, and thicknesses to meet our customers’ unique needs.


Melamine Plywood from Thomes 

Melamine plywood from Thomes is smooth, hygienic, glossy, and easy to clean. The wood’s edges have an acrylic sealant that helps minimize moisture ingress. Featuring various colors, the standard weight of the film is 120g/m2, but it’s possible to increase wear resistance by adding extra layers to one or both sides.

The standard panel sizes for this plywood include 4 x 8, 5 x 8, and 5 x 10, with thicknesses ranging from 9mm to 35mm. Panel colors include light gray and white.


What Is Melamine Plywood (Riga Mel) Made of?

Riga Mel is a standard type of birch plywood that has an overlay of melamine film. Originally an organic compound, melamine resin undergoes polymerization during production to form a durable, tough plastic material. This means that melamine is a trimer of cyanamide along with a chemical compound with an organic base.

Melamine laminate is resistant to heat, fire, and stains, with the added ability to resist moisture and scratching. This material comes in various colors, sizes, patterns, and thicknesses, which is why it’s a popular option for plywood, particleboard, and MDF applications. Melamine plywood essentially comprises small wood pieces fused together, coved by a plasticized coating.


Advantages of Using Melamine Coated Plywood

When determining whether melamine-coated plywood is ideal for your application, consider the following advantages:

  • Durability. Melamine is a highly durable material that’s resistant to scratching, staining, and water. It’s also easy to clean!
  • Perfect finish. Melamine plywood comes in many textures and natural wood grains. It’s also cost-effective and offers a multipurpose option for adding finishes, color, and texture to different types of projects and designs.
  • Budget-friendly. This material is budget-friendly without any compromise in durability and overall quality. You can save time and money during application due to the lack of need for finishing and sanding.
  • Aesthetic. People often prefer melamine plywood’s lack of wood grain when looking for solid-colored cabinets and other surfaces. Melamine plywood can come prefinished in a variety of colors to suit different aesthetic requirements.
  • Easy to cut. Using the right equipment, you can easily cut melamine. A saw with CNC routers and scoring units can prevent chipping; however, it’s important to support the material while cutting to keep it from breaking. 

Laminated countertops such as Formica surfaces use melamine. Unlike other woods, melamine plywood provides a smooth surface that’s easy to clean while reducing construction waste and eliminating the need for staining or painting. This plywood often features sustainable wood construction, with manufacturers using moisture-resistant products to glue the wood pieces together. 


Applications of Melamine Coated Plywood

Melamine-coated plywood is used in various applications across diverse industries. Common applications include:

  • Furniture
  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Countertops
  • Ceilings
  • Tabletops
  • Shop fitting and exhibition work
  • Information and advertisement boards
  • Cabinets
  • Store fixtures


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