Edge Glued Panels

Edge Glued Panels (EGP) – also known as laminated panels - are an important component of high quality furniture. EGP may be used for building table tops, doors, benches, chests and wardrobe cabinets. We offer 2 very high quality types, Russian White Pine, or Russian Baltic Birch.

EGP are made of solid wood lamellas* (planks or blocks) glued together with polyvinyl acetate glue, which provides maximum strength in the joints. Lamellas could be fully solid or finger jointed depending on your requirements.

By finger-jointing smaller planks into larger pieces and then gluing those into panels the existing defects like big knots, mineral insertion, discolorations and insect holes can be eliminated. The final product with its smooth joint tight surface and nice wood patterns is very stable and has a solid wood appearance.

EGP without finger jointing

EGP with finger jointing (type 1)

EGP with finger jointing (type 2)

Russian Baltic Birch


Russian White Pine