Baltic Birch Plywood

Thomes Canada Ltd. is Canada's largest North American Importer and Supplier of Manufactured Russian and Baltic Birch Plywood – also known commonly as “RUSSIAN BIRCH” plywood. Thomes sells to building, lumber and plywood distributors throughout Canada and the USA.

Based on our experience and knowledge we choose the best manufacturers of plywood in Russia to meet your individual needs.

We are FSC® certified by the Rainforest Alliance

Detailed Specifications & Technical Information




RUSSIAN GOST 3916.1-96

Product Properties

Russian Birch Plywood is made by gluing together a multiple plies of birch veneer. There is always an odd number of veneers and each ply is at a right angle to the one below, which gives the material superior stability and strength. The type of glue and the thickness of plywood determine the suitability of a sheet for a particular application.

Baltic Birch Plywood may be used inside and outside. It is graded for exterior or interior use depending upon the water resistance of the glue.

Thomes Canada offers the following kinds of plywood:

Thickness and Sizes

Thickness, mm Thickness, inches Pieces per bundle
3 1/8 130
6 1/4 65
9 3/8 44
12 1/2 33
15 5/8 26
18 3/4 22
24 15/16 16
25 1.0 16
27 1 1/16 10
30 1 3/16 10

Panel Sizes

Metric, mm Feet Inches
1525*1525 5*5 60*60
1220*1220 4*4 48*48
1220*2440 4*8 48*96
1525*3050 5*10 60*120
1830*1525 6*5 72*60
2440*1830 8*6 96*72
Special sizes are available.

Special Plywood

We supply the following special plywood on regular basis:

Face Grade Description

The Russian GOST 3916.1-96 standard:

Grade "B" -
Single piece veneer of light and uniform colour. A few small pin knots and some brown streaks are allowed. Veneer of this grade is intended for natural finishes. Patches are not allowed. The majority of Grade B veneers are the equivalent of the American “white birch” faces.
Grade "BB" -
Single piece face has light and uniform colour. A few sound tight knots and pin holes are permitted. Open knots and defects are replaced with small oval or round veneer patches before gluing. The patches are selected to closely match the background colour.
Grade "CP"
Single piece face is very close to Grade BB in quality. Thin splits are allowed. The oval or round patch may have a different colour from the background.
Grade "C" -
Open defects such as open knots and veneer splits are allowed. Sanding is not required. Recommended for the building of containers and dust panels; can be used for crating and in manufacturing, where construction and strength are more important than the appearance.